Practicing yoga is one of the best habits I have developed.  Yoga’s vision and practice correlates to my vision and practice  of design. I learn so much practicing it.

If I compare the practice of yoga with other practices, I can pinpoint 3 things that apply in other processes like the creative process:

Important aspects learned from yoga practice:

1- Work from inside out (focus on the process)

How you approach the challenge: from inside out.

In yoga if you want to do a pose focusing on the end result from a photo, you will not get the result.  If you do it from inside out following the awareness of your body, putting all your intentions in the process you will be able to do it and have a great result.

2- Integrated (comprehensive) & collaborative

You can’t separate your body in parts, if you want to achieve flow and take your body to an awareness stage you need to feel your body as a whole and find the balance within all parts to work together and collaborate towards the final result.

3- Develop the habit

It is all about developing habits, it is not one isolated action. It is about taking actions and try 1, 2, 10, times.  Keep trying to get to next levels.