Caro Isern is an architect/designer and creative entrepreneur specialised in sustainability with a work experience of 18 years in The Netherlands and Argentina. She worked as advisor, project leader and designer for several architectural firms, universities, government and companies within a broad spectrum of projects, from product design to complex building and urban interventions.

Since 2014 Caro is involved in the development of ‘A Goood Foundation’, an organisation that executes projects that promote innovative collaboration of sectors and use design tools and methodologies to accelerate the process towards a sustainable society.

In 2002 she sets her own office in Amsterdam. From her studio she works for projects in the field of sustainable innovation and architecture.

From 2005-2012 she co-founds LSDP (Latin Sisters Design Productions) and the Desycle Foundation gaining a unique experience on the set-up of local projects where different stakeholders work together to find solutions to social and environmental challenges.

In 1996 Caro graduated as Architect and urban designer from the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo from Univesidad Nacional de la Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). During her studies Caro specialised in designing mobile living and sanitary units for social housing, collaborating with the research program of the University (IDEHAB). After graduating (1996-2002) she worked in various architecture studios in Buenos Aires, as designer and project manager.

Caro is enrolled at the Architect Register in The Netherlands and at the Dutch Association of Designers (BNO).

Apart from her native Spanish, Caro is proficient in English and Dutch. She has a basic knowledge of Italian and Portuguese. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband and 2 daughters, Luz and Sol.

This website displays some selected examples of her work.

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