About Caro Isern

Architect & urban designer with 18 years of broad professional experience, working on innovation and sustainability within a wide variety of projects and roles, from research to realisation.

It is my passion to find and design solutions for social and environmental challenges which cannot be resolved by thinking or acting the way they occurred but need another approach, an integrated one. I love to test things in the practice, prototyping and implementing design solutions.

My strengths are the understanding of the challenge content and context, the integrated and collaborative approach which is my nature and the ability to translate theories and developed strategies into practical interventions with a clear result.

Next to this I learned that achieving successful co-development is about constantly feeding and having attention for the group of people working on the development (the core team and the stakeholders involved). I believe we need to focus on people, because at the end of the day people are the ones that build the environment and the economic growth together.

Intrigued about my approach and what I can mean for you?

Do not hesitate to contact me and give a mutual opportunity to learn and grow.



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