My speciality is the combination of:

– Sustainable development: practice & theory knowledge, vision and creative strategies.

– Participatory design strategies: designing tools and executing programs to optimise participation and collaboration.

– And my strong belief that we can make positive change working together.


I (co-)lead complex design processes that needs a holistic and practical approach, where it is relevant to achieve:

– Different disciplines in the team working together.

– Cohesion among stakeholders.

– Co-innovation results (products, services, programs, projects, organisation changes translated in many forms, etc).

– Social, environmental and economic growth in the results.


Roles which I have fulfilled are a.o.: (interim) program manager, ‘kwartiermaker’, designer lead team, creative and general director.


I can give a boost to your challenge a.o., with

– Advise & coaching
– Co-designing the approach-plan
– Leading or co-leading the innovation process from discovery to realisation
– Creative sessions, lectures & labs


If you don’t know where to start. We can customise a creative session for the very start of a co-development & innovation process for your organisation (& stakeholders involved). Contact me for an orientation meeting.


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