The specific and final approach is always defined by the team/stakeholders agreements. There are some essentials elements that are interrelated in the strength of my approach:


Collaborative & Participatory:

– Different stakeholders (bottom-up & top down) working together.

– Facilitating participatory development, Inspiring people to take part and participate.

– Multidisciplinary & cross-sector creation.



– We can’t separate social issues from environmental or economic growth issues. In our strategies we work holistically, aiming value creation in multiple fields, this is how Nature works.

– Integration of different fields of knowledge and interest (sectors & disciplines) which normally are treated separately.


I only work alone if I’m asked for a specific advise question. But my way of working means always ‘together’ with a specific role in the team. I work together with talented people from different disciplines, or people from the organisation I asked to work with. I set up a team of passionate people to work together.


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