I was so happy to discover the work of architect Michel Reynolds and his Earthship’s books in 1997! The books had all drawings, manuals and tips on how to build Earthships. It was like having the first recipes housing book in my hands! It was something very special. But not only for the great and practical housing design that they developed from the early 70’s. But for the way he was communicating and expanding the knowledge!

I had the opportunity to made a research about Earthships construction system for Stichting Recyclicity when I came to The Netherlands in 2003. Check it here.

I believe the designers of the future will be working on making guides, drawing, manuals and guiding people to make stuff or projects themselves. This will have different nuances, from giving the recipe for a house at a specific location, download furniture or fashion manuals to wider design concepts workshops and guides to let people develop their own designs. We go from an ego designer era to one of facilitators, assistants that will lead to empower people!

Inspiration: If you want to know more about Michel Reynolds watch this film.