In the former tram station De Hallen in Oud West we designed and conceived an exhibition to show the results of the project Van Recycling tot Redesign that took place in Amsterdam Oud-West for one year. The exhibition was part of an international design event in Amsterdam for a week in September 2006. Through this exhibition the project Van Recycling tot Redesign generated awareness beyond the local borders. We designed a holistic exhibition together with the local neighbours and participants of the project. We wanted to keep the atmosphere of the place and reinforce it with objects and very urban elements like the graffitis indicating the different areas and activities during the exhibition.

This is a good example of designing a space and the content program together (holistically) to reach the goals of the project effectively. Read more about the exhibition approach here (Report of the exhibition).

The most innovative aspect of this exhibition was the way we created it together with many volunteers, neighbours and local organisations. They participated in the content idea of activities, promoting it and in the assembly and disassembly of it. This was part of the whole idea of the project: participation!

My role in the team was to take care the goals of the project were shown in the exhibition in the way we conceived it and in the atmosphere, activities and results shown. I co-designed the exhibition and I was project manager and responsible to make it happen working with a great team of professionals and volunteers.

The public was diverse, besides the local neighbours we had many other citizens from other parts of the city and the country, even international public and students that participated in projects we organised years after.

Some quotes of people that visit the event were:

“Well done! Great location. Already one of your fans. Loved the workshops. Keep up with the good work and your great ideas”

Patricia Salle (visitor and former workshop participant, form the Borgerbuurt)

‘’What a great and absolutely inspiring exhibition”

Trudy Drenth (visitor)

“What a nice atmosphere here..It looks like Berlin trendy places..!!”

Carmen & Emile (visitors inside design)

More Information:

Report of the exhibition