By commission of the municipality of Amsterdam Oud-West, we conceived and executed the project “From Recycling to Redesign” in 2005-2006.

The goal of the project was to inspire people to look differently at ‘trash’, to reflect about the waste issues in their neighbourhood and stimulate them to take action, working at the same time on the social cohesion of the neighbourhood.
During the project we researched together with designers, neighbours and kids from local schools the local garbage to later design and make products with it in local workshops. Thanks to these activities the perception of participants about trash changed considerably, from ‘problem’ to ‘opportunity’.

As a result of this project, we organised an exhibition in cooperation with local residents and organisations. The exhibition took place in the former tram station De Hallen in Oud West during an international design event in Amsterdam. Through this exhibition, the project generated awareness beyond the local borders. This project was the forerunner of Desycling Amsterdam 2008.

My role in the project was initiator, project management and co-program designer. I also designed the exhibition space together with Gabriela Bustamante and Roberto Uribe Castro. Designers Onno Sminia and Jiska van Veen worked hard assisting during the whole project. Next to this, this project was a success thanks to all volunteers (neighbours, local shops, schools and workers from the municipality) and sponsors (Tetra Pak, NH Hotels, Cafe de Origen, Amsterdam DJ School) that participated to make it possible.

If you want to go deeper into details of the project take a look at the Project Report. You can watch the video of the project: here.

Link to the interaction Exhibition Project we organised after the success of this project.