The publicity and communication company OER had moved to a loft in one of the old deposit areas, Veemkade, in Amsterdam. They requested an integrated office design which would keep the characteristics of the building itself.

The main idea for the office design was to do the less as possible, keeping the idea of ‘a big space’ building only two modules, one for the kitchen and another called The Box by the client with the purpose to be used as relax- and telephone room, IT-room, storage and wardrobe.

The kitchen was designed as a furniture itself and The Box was designed as a little house (shelter) into the big place that had to allocate all the functions it needed.

I designed and managed the project. In the design process I collaborated with the architect Roberto Uribe Castro.

This is a good example of interior project between many other interiors I realized during my career. If you want to see other interior projects I managed and co-created, please contact me.