A family who bought a piece of land in a gated community near Buenos Aires, Argentina asked me to design and realise a family house based on their desires. Bio-climatic concepts and the relation between the house to the exterior environment were important aspects to consider.

The design process started end of 1999 by gather in several design sessions the requirements for the design. The design sessions were about their lifestyle dreams (use of the house including family and friends), the standards of comfort and their wishes regarding ecological aspects inside and outside the house. Finally this led to a country house of 280m2 in which the materials and the aesthetic used are linked to the constructive tradition of the province of Buenos Aires. The house was delivered in august 2001.

I did the design and supervision of the realisation and worked together with the consultant engineer Ing. Horacio Migone. Realisation of the house was done by Ferrantelli Construcciones.

In this work I applied my knowledge and experience about materials related to bio-climatic concepts as well as my integrated design approach in which the future residents had an important role sharing their dreams for the future with me. I developed the ability to do the whole end-to-end process of designing, building and delivering a house which has a very low use of energy because of the applied passive architecture concepts.