A group of 5 inspiring socially responsible enterprises were invited to share a location for their enterprises in IJburg, Amsterdam.

We were hired by the Marktmeester IJburg, Ymere (housing corporation in Amsterdam) and Radar Advies, to lead the first phase of this project. We did this by dig in deeply into the wishes, needs and priorities of the different parties who were part of this project. We visited IJburg and interviewed people around the neighbourhood. We executed a creative session (based on the 5P’s method=link) to define the vision of the project with all the stakeholders. We wrote a report (link) where the success factors of this project are worked out in detail; we also gave advice about sustainable ways to approach this project to make it a success. This research is a solid basis of information that was used for the further development of the project.

I led this project as part of LSDP. My role was strategy development and leading. I worked with an extraordinary team of creatives, and closely together with the project leader of Radar Advies (Roel Piera) and Ymere (Jacqueline Sarton), in charge of the whole development.

For more information see:

Report of the project (in Dutch)

Format we used of the creative session: The 5 P’s method