IJburg works with the 5P’s (People, Planet, Profit, Pleasure and Practicality)

As part of a co-creation development assignment, we organised a creative session where Ymere (housing corporation), the IJburg Marktmeester, Radar Advies (agency on social issues) and a group of 5 inspiring entrepreneurs exchanged their concerns, ideas and proposals about the start-up of a collective sustainable business in IJburg.
Leading the session through the 5P’s method opened up all possible directions this project could take. It also allowed everyone to bring in their expertise to find what role they can take in every phase of this project. This unorthodox session lasted 4 hours of intense brain workout, but was worth the smiles and laughter’s of every participant.

The added value of the 5P’s tool is, on one hand, to take stakeholders to identify their collective ambition, learning to think holistically (from different areas). And to define their own role in the coalition. On the other hand the goal is to get to know deeply each other. By making a creative and fun atmosphere we reach co-creation and commitment of the stakeholders.

A comprehensive 5P’s report was the result of the research and activities organised. Click in the photo above to see more images. And look at the video where the stakeholders present their enterprises as part of an exercises during the session the ‘jingle and mingle’ challenge!

I worked together for the set up of this 5P’s creative session with designer Gabriela Bustamante, and young designers Beatriz Fernandez Garcia and Belinda de Groot.

If you want to know more about the method, or if you even want to experience the benefit of the 5P’s creative session in the practice, please contact me.