From 2007 till 2012 I co-created and managed a creative foundation called Desycle with the objective of working together with different stakeholders and create projects that stimulate awareness in the consumption-production-waste cycle. Thanks to many funds and commissions we were able to develop and execute tens of projects per year, including events where hundreds of people attended. We trained more than 100 people per year (kids, design students, trainers working in social centres, citizens and even homeless people) through different activities and workshops and we created 70 lines of products to inspire people. Some products could be seen here.

Some organisations that made this innovative process possible were: VSB fonds, Stichting Doen, SNS Real, and many other organisations of different sort, from Municipalities, schools & neighbours organisations to Waste processing companies.

” Desycling projects connect people, business and public institutions. Their social and environmental issues are addressed and they are motivated to take action by creating awareness in an inspiring, practical and pleasant way. Desycling stimulates creativity and encourages people to look differently at waste and participation.

The basis of desycle lies in translating big theories about environmental and social subjects in a practical way into our daily lives. It provides answers to the question on how to apply this knowledge into your own lifestyle.
Desycle stimulates discussion and offers charm and innovation, thus becoming a guide for practical changes related to the waste material circuit around you. LSDP has established the Desycle Foundation to continue the innovative development of this concept and to spread its practice…”