During my work as director of LSDP, I developed together with designer Gabriela Bustamante a design methodology to ensure a good foundation for the start of projects/enterprises with sustainable ambitions by a groep of stakeholders.

The added value of this tool/method is, on one hand, to take stakeholders to identify their collective ambition in the collaboration, learning to start a project holistically (identifying priorities at different areas). And to define their own role and expectation in the coalition. On the other hand the goal is to get to know each other deeply by making a creative and a fun atmosphere where we reach co-creation and commitment of the stakeholders.

The 5P’s represent: People, Planet, Profit, Pleasure and Practicality. In this form we create a collective mind-map where we discover the important priorities of the different actors regarding essentials topics for the development of the collective dream. During 4 hours we go from abstract thoughts to concrete actions to let them participants experience the power of ‘discovering together’.

The method itself is valuable but more important is the way (how) it is executed. Important aspects are brought from our latin background, like the attention of the session leader for the dynamic of the group, the way we inspire the participants (through design thinking) to create together, the unorthodox process where spontaneity (surprises) during the sessions warranty the creativity commitment and good results of the groep.

See here a good example of this methodology in the practice. A creative session we organised for IJburg Marktmeester in 2010.

If you want to know more of this method, or if you even want to experience the benefit of the 5P’s creative session in the practice, please contact me.