In November and December 2015, we organised an exploration trip through Argentina to learn about initiatives and organisations that are actively contributing to find solutions for large environmental and social challenges of Latin America. We learned about their development, their challenges and needs. The main idea of this trip was to research the possibilities to start a structural collaboration. We are preparing the report of this project and we work on the follow-up. The rest of the information will be published in the website of the foundation. (online mid-July 2016)

This project is an initiative of a goood foundation executed by architects and sustainable specialists Caro Isern and Paul de Graaf, organisational consultant Remco Meijer and an enthusiastic assistant team from the foundation, among others, designer Carolina Giraldo Nohra and editor Martin Vos.

This project is realized with support from The Creative Industries Fund NL.

Read also the report of the Exploration here.

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