It’s interesting to see that in many fields of social development ‘encourage entrepreneurship’ is already a key element and the focus of many successful programs. No matter whether it is education or social care programs like empowerment of elderly, young people or women in neighbours. The concept of ‘entrepreneurship’ stimulating people talents and own ideas is an important trend and validated concept from the last years.

Next to this is also proved by many examples the effectiveness of working on a small scale, keeping it very personal by systems that include adaptability and customisation.

A good example is the Finnish education system, that scores as one of the best in Europe, where children attend with the least amount of time at school (compared with other countries) and learn in a playful way. The focus in this system is to encourage children own talent and creativity in a very personal way. Here you can read an article about it (in dutch).

Also regarding education, we see a big trend in America and other countries with more than 2 million cases of homeschooling, where the focal point is the kid and their own interests and talents.

An inspiring video that shows this trend can be seen here. A young of 12 years old that designs his own education with the help of his parents and local network.

In Germany, the model of ‘more generations’ community centers based in the human need of diversity of generations interaction, also operates with an important component of entrepreneurship. This is an inspiring example for The Netherlands. The Dutch broadcaster VPRO did an interesting research in this Tegenlicht broadcast: looking for inspiring examples that show us how we can do things better in the Netherlands.

The success of these systems has to do with the created feeling of ownership by people and attention for their own needs, increasing their self-esteem. In the Netherlands we need to try out more models that work within this principles.