It was nice to attend Pauli’s  lecture last Thursday (10-10), Day of the sustainability and by coincidence my birthday. Thanks Jan (Jongert) for this birthday present!

For those who don’t know about the Blue Economy, a video explanation.

Nice to learned in general about initiatives they are carrying out within the Blue Economy. His message was clear and not new: We need to re-industrialise Europe. We need to redesign the new industrialised era with the mindset of gaining more and more from what we have. Multiple cash flows business plans.

And how? By doing it. No more analyzing. Europe analyses too much, we need more ACTIONS. We need many many innovative entrepreneurs putting blue economy ideas into action. Inspiring!

Jan Jongert from Superuse studios set up a Linkedin groep about the Blue Economy, in collaboration with Zeri and Gunter Pauli: If you want to contribute or get inspired about the blue economy you may join it: Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli Linkedin Groep

Future lectures

I have attended many other presentations about circular economy, closing the loop…. It is so great to see that this topic is becoming important in many sectors.

Like in Pauli’s conference I noticed still the trend to talk only from the successes and this selling kind of pitch ‘we are doing great or we have the formula’. While, I consider this quite inspiring,  I’m kind of missing a more reflective and critical lecture approach, where people share mistakes and their learning process and how they approach their current challenges.

Perhaps the thing is that people still want to convince or sell ideas to a massive audience or people still willing to hear that sales pitch?

I envision for the future a less selling, ego kind of conversation, with more and many great questions. Sharing difficulties will show that we are a step ahead!