Started as an unsolicited architecture project with a group of fellow architects and designers for a no-man’s land between Buenos Aires and the city of La Plata in the province of Buenos Aires in 1994.

The urban design proposal gets use to the topography of the place (-4m below sea level), conforming a public walk (big island promenade) between two principal arteries that connect Buenos Aires to La Plata city. The connections are for pedestrian and vehicles. In this platform there are also bars, restaurants and cultural activities. The level below zero is considered for parking and equipment installations.

The shopping design was based on a study that compare the old way of shopping in Buenos Aires (in ‘’Calle Florida’’) with the different scales that are involved, and the new way of ‘’box’’ shopping mall (Carrefour near this area).

The landscape emphasises the idea of the urban island while the recurrently stairs and ramps get you into the green area.

My role in the team was initiator, designer and material and bio-concepts specialist. I gained experience in this project with unsolicited architecture and connecting specialists of different backgrounds and aim to reach a mutual goal. In this case, gain an abandoned area for the neighbourhood, building a shopping mall where social interaction was the main focus.