Sustainable architecture by children for children in Amsterdam

On request of social housing corporation Eigen Haard to celebrate their 50st anniversary we designed, organised and executed architectural design events for children called Mijn speelhuis (My Playhouse). The goal of the project was to involve children in the sustainable design of a playground in their Municipality.

We designed and organised workshops for kids that where led by professional architects. We created an architectural structure mini museum, where we showed them how they could (re)use (waste) materials to create different structures for their Playhouse. This contributed to influence positively their perception about waste (understanding it as useful material) and gave them the opportunity to co-create their environment.

Mijn Speelhuis (My play-house) was simultaneously happening in three districts of Amsterdam West: Osdorp, Bos & Lommer and Slotervaart. The co-created ’Playhouse’ scale models were exhibited in each municipality. Finally ninety children designed together with architects their ideal Playhouse!

My role in this project was strategy developer, general direction and participating architect. We worked together with a fantastic group of passionate architects which transmitted their passion to the kids. This resulted in out of the box ideas and constructions invented by the participants.

The following link shows the weblog which was kept during the project (in Dutch): Mijnspeelhuis Weblog