We customised Design 2 change creative session for 2switch, an Arnhem based Dutch company specialised in the development and re-integration of disabled people into society.

The main question was to inspire the 2switch team (project managers) and wake up proactivity and creativity in the team. We focused the day session on this question:

– How can we learn to see difficult situations (problems) differently and positively and by doing this come up with ‘out of the box’ solutions.

Through a series of fun and creative activities where the participants change their role to the one of  ‘top designers’ and combine their passion with solving problem assignments, we activate change and wake up the creativity and the passion of the participants. They find their own value and motivation in the team what boosts working together and generate value together.

This project example illustrate very well the power of Design 2 change tool in the practice and let see that if you give people the space to explore their talents, to create and most important to believe in yourself, the results are amazing.
The success of this project was accelerated by the inspiring participant’s willingness to adjust their talents into our present and challenging world needs.
This ‘change’-concept contains the values of our vision: Changing an organisation starts by changing its people, each and every member of the team. I believe we have to focus on those people, since they make the profit, the planet and of course the pleasure!

To know more about this tool and see another examples where we successfully applied Design 2 change method, contact me.