How can we achieve more impact working on social and environmental challenges?

– Integrate profit value in social & environmental design initiatives. Creating social, environmental and profit value.

– Working together within our sector (design) and cross-sectors:

– Bridge the gap between creative people and organisations that ‘need’ social innovation design like Government, Social Institutions (Educational, Health, etc) and Companies with ambitious Social Responsibility goals, creating effective collaboration between the design sector and other sectors.

– Simplifying the whole design process from creation to implementation:

– Integration of business and social/environmental design tools.

– Optimising the team construction in the design process.

– Creating more opportunities for young talents to ‘learn by doing’ designing the challenges. As well, generating employment opportunities for them.

Busy enough!

If you want to know how I’m trying to achieve these points and if you have ideas related to this coming from the design sector or from other sectors, please contact me to work together!