This is a recurring topic in my life. Being creative, innovative, it is sometimes difficult to accept that things do not change as fast as we would like. Here, a concrete example: We are discussing at one of the tables in Pakhuis de Zwijger about how we can implement the idea of ​​the circular city in our daily tasks. In the centre of the table is a bowl with mixed waste in it: an apple with traces of plastic packaging of coffee creamer and paper of the sugar that someone took. This happens in a seminar about the circular city. Not to mention the cookies we consumed, only circular in their shape. Anyway, I found these contradictions a good topic to discuss within the group. We set up in the spot two bowls with two streams of material (organic and inorganic).

We don’t practice what we preach? Or we preach what we are not able to practice yet? If we have this kind of materials and food in this type of seminar, what can we expect somewhere else? I don’t want this to be a strict critic for the event organizers, but rather offering constructive criticism.

I see two things:
One, is that we often coexist with these contradictions, learn to be aware of them and try to improve them on the spot. To inspire others to do so is a job in itself, and is always worthwhile.

Secondly, to include designers in the organisation of the next event: is a good idea! True, we have a special eye for detail and it seems essential. “God is in the detail”, Mies van der Rohe used to say. And I would say ‘The Circular Economy is in the detail’.

Note: I lost the photo we took that evening. The photo above is taken during a Cradle 2 Cradle seminar in Amsterdam, where the same reflexion applies.